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Father Johns Medicine Cough Suppressant 4 oz
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For Colds and AllergiesNasal DecongestantCough SuppressantAntihistamineFor temporary relief of cough and allergy symptoms, including coughing, nasal congestion and runny nose.An effective, pleasant tasting, non-narcotic medicine for the temporary relief of coughs, colds and allergy symptoms.

Nose Better Gel 0.46 oz
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Ends dry nose!Nose GelOakhurstActive Ingredients:Allantoin 0.50%; Camphor 0.75%; Menthol 0.50%Apply vanishing gel around nostrils and under nose. Gel may be placed in nostrils to help relieve dryness discomfort. Use as often as needed. Note: Some individuals (especially children) with sensitive skin may experience an initial warm tingling feeling. This is perfectly natural. An immediate second liberal application of the gel has been observed to turn warming to cooling.Inactive...

THUM Liquid 0.20 oz
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Proven effective by clinical studies.Thumb Sucking DeterrentOakhurstActive Ingredients:Cayenne Pepper Extract; Citric Acid; Isopropyl Alcohol; Acetone; LacquerApply to dry finger nails twice a day to help break the habit of NAIL BITING and THUMB SUCKING. Allow 'THUM' to dry. Remove 'THUM' with nail polish remover.Uses:For adults, teenagers and children. Help break the habit of nail biting and thumb sucking with the first application. THUM contains a bitter tasting, but harmless pure vegetable...